What Is Involved In Senior Care Management?

What Is Involved In Senior Care Management?

What Is Involved In Senior Care Management?

8 February 2023
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If your loved one is admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility, they will likely be assigned a senior care manager. If you are not familiar with the care models provided in these long-term care facilities, you may be curious to know exactly what a geriatric care management professional does for your loved one. These individuals step in to help make sure your loved one gets the best level of care. However, their roles and responsibilities can be multifaceted no matter what type of place they work. Take a look at a few things a senior care manager may do for you and your loved one during their stay.  

Make Suggestions About Helpful Levels of Care 

Regardless of the type of facility your loved one enters, all of them can have unique care models or levels of care available. One aspect of senior care management is making sure every resident gains access to each level of care that they could benefit from. Therefore, after spending some time evaluating your loved one's condition, they may offer a list of suggested services or levels of care.

Offer Resources to Cover the Costs of Care 

Entering long-term care can come along with a substantial expense, and those expenses may not be wholly covered by the patient's insurance. If this is the situation you are facing with your loved one, a senior care manager can help. This professional is well-versed in the different programs available to help patients finance the care they need. For example, the care manager may know about local organizations or Medicare extension plans that can help. 

Discuss the Emotional Needs of Your Loved One 

Your loved one can face an emotional challenge with the transition of moving into a long-term care facility. And, older adults are a bit prone to experiencing anxiety and depression if someone does not intervene to make sure they are emotionally okay. The senior care manager can discuss the emotional needs of your loved one to make sure they get the emotional support they need. Likewise, if you are struggling with the transition. 

Make Long-Term Plans to Ensure Your Loved One Is Comfortable

Making care plans for a loved one over the long term can be a major responsibility. Additionally, the primary goal is to make sure your loved one is comfortable for the entirety of their stay at the facility. The senior care manager will go over plans that can be put in place to ensure your loved one's needs are met.  

Contact a local senior care management service to learn more. 

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