Get Ready To Go To Assisted Living With Your Pet

Get Ready To Go To Assisted Living With Your Pet

Get Ready To Go To Assisted Living With Your Pet

23 September 2022
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Did you know many assisted living homes allow pets? There are different policies, breed and weight restrictions, and pet facilities at each assisted living home. And if you've got a beloved pet and are about to move to one of these places, you do want to be sure you find a place that accepts the type of pet you have and that you meet the qualifications, such as having someone listed as willing to take the pet if you become unable to care for it. Assuming your pet qualifies, here's how to ensure you and your pet are comfortable in the new place.

Take Care of New Puppy Housetraining Before Moving In

If your beloved pet is actually a new puppy that your family got you as a companion, do make sure the puppy is housetrained before you move. Just because the facility accepts pets does not mean they're happy about stained carpets and various odors. Housetraining can take a few months, so if you've got less than half a year before you move, you need to start training now. Or, have the puppy stay with a family member or friend until it's housetrained.

Ensure Your New Home Has Sizeable Outside Space

If you are bringing a dog with you, or even a cat who likes to be outside occasionally, ensure that the place you move to has enough space outside for the pet to move around a little. If your room won't have a patio or yard, be sure the facility has a lawn area where the pet can run around. If you're bringing a cat, you might want to try harness-training the cat so you can keep it leashed outside; that way you don't have to worry about it getting distracted and leaping over a fence as it chases something.

Get Pet Insurance if You Don't Already Have It

When you move to assisted living, you need to watch your expenses, and vet bills can be a real problem when you're on a fixed income. If you do not already have pet insurance, get it. The cost you pay for the insurance is nothing compared to the vet bills that can pile up if the animal is hurt or gets sick. One vet bill could really throw a wrench into your budget works.

Arrange for Pet Grooming and Walking Services

If you're not as mobile as before and can't take your dog on walks, or you can no longer bathe your cat or dog, see if the home offers a pet care service—some do. If not, ask what other pet owners at the home do. They may be able to refer you to a good dog walker or pet grooming service. That way, you can ensure your pet is still taken care of even though you are not as mobile.

For more information, contact an assisted living service near you.

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