Would Your Elderly Parent Thrive In A Senior Living Community? Important Reasons Why They Might

Would Your Elderly Parent Thrive In A Senior Living Community? Important Reasons Why They Might

Would Your Elderly Parent Thrive In A Senior Living Community? Important Reasons Why They Might

22 June 2022
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Watching a parent struggle to live independently in their senior years is a difficult situation for an adult child, especially when there are valid concerns about their health or safety to consider. Yet many seniors resist the idea of moving in with one of their adult children, often because they fear they will become a burden. Adult children who are wondering how they can help their elderly parent or parents retain their independence while also being able to know that they are living in a safe, healthy environment may find the answer they seek inside a senior living community. 

A sense of community

Seniors who have lived many years in their own house or apartment typically have formed a network of friends and neighbors who are of a similar age and stage of life. In many instances, the aging process and physical or health challenges can begin to unravel that network, leaving seniors to miss the sense of community they once enjoyed in their neighborhood. A senior living community is, in essence, a neighborhood capable of providing the sense of community that many seniors feel is missing in their own lives. 

Senior living communities are able to provide a real sense of community in a safe, healthy environment where residents can form new friendships and participate in hobbies and activities they may enjoy. Living in this type of community removes the worries and struggles of aging and replaces them with a more carefree lifestyle that still allows residents to enjoy their independence without feeling like they are burdening one of their children. Instead, residents are able to relax and enjoy visits from family and friends in a comfortable, homey environment. 

A source of support

Many of the tasks and issues that seniors struggle with most dissolve when becoming a resident of a senior living community. Seniors no longer need to worry about home maintenance issues, lawn care, or how they will pay for an emergency repair. Most senior living communities offer a variety of housing options, all of which provide residents with delicious meals, assistance with medications or daily needs, and access to on-site medical support. Seniors also enjoy transportation for medical appointments, shopping, or entertainment, leaving them free of concerns about driving or the costs of maintaining a vehicle. 

If a senior living community as a solution to a senior parent's housing needs is something you would like to explore further, taking time to tour a reputable community and meet with the administration and staff is a good first step.

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