4 Signs It Is Time To Consider Assisted Living For Your Aging Parents

4 Signs It Is Time To Consider Assisted Living For Your Aging Parents

4 Signs It Is Time To Consider Assisted Living For Your Aging Parents

25 October 2021
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Although you would love to take care of your parent or grandparent in their golden years, other life responsibilities such as work can bar you. Hiring an in-house sitter or qualified nurse is often out of the question, mostly due to the high costs of employing them. Have you thought about moving your loved one to an assisted living facility? Maybe it's time you considered the option. If you are worried it's too soon, these signs can help you make the right decision.

1. Chronic Health Issues

Does your loved one have a health condition such as diabetes that is classified as chronic? Although manageable, chronic conditions can worsen without proper care and attention. Your loved one will need full-time care to ensure they take their medication on time, follow the prescriptions carefully, and get assistance during medical emergencies.

Assisted living facilities have hands-on staff to take care of your loved one around the clock. You can rely on the professionals to ensure the health issues are handled on time.

2. Hard Time Keeping Up With Financial Issues

Do you keep receiving calls from banks, insurance companies, or your parent's landlord complaining of overdue bills? As your parent grows old, they may have trouble keeping up with their financial duties. It could be due to cognitive stresses, such as dementia, or they don't have the motivation or capability to keep up with financial matters.

You don't have to stress your loved one with monetary responsibilities. Assisted living facilities make it easier for them by putting all bills into one and absolving them from house maintenance responsibilities.

3. Isolation and Lack of Motivation

If your loved one has been getting gloomier and unmotivated by the day, they are probably lonely. Seniors are likely to have depression due to isolation. They have no means to make new friends if they spend the entire day confined in their homes. Assisted living offers seniors a platform to socialize and interact with others in the same age group.

4. Poor Hygiene and Eating Habits

Great hygiene and eating habits can improve quality of life. If you notice that your parents no longer cook as they used to or there's usually no food in the house, it's likely they have been starving themselves and need urgent help. Poor hygiene is also a good reason to consider assisted living. The facility will strive to ensure your loved one gets the care they need to continue enjoying life.

Everyone deserves decent golden years. Assisted living facilities work to ensure that all their clients get adequate attention and care. Consider enrolling your aging parents in assisted living to enhance their life.

For more information, go to websites about assisted living facilities in your area. 

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