What To Look For In A Medicaid-Eligible Assisted Living Facility

What To Look For In A Medicaid-Eligible Assisted Living Facility

What To Look For In A Medicaid-Eligible Assisted Living Facility

9 March 2021
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When you want to get a loved one into an assisted living facility and they're on Medicaid, you want to make sure you choose a Medicaid-eligible facility. What this basically means is this: you're choosing an assisted living facility that will accept Medicaid to make expenses cheaper for the individual who is staying in assisted living and will also make things more affordable for those who are helping to pay for a loved one's care.

When you find a Medicaid-eligible assisted living facility, you still want to make sure it's the right one for your needs. Medicaid may not cover services offered outside of what the facility has to offer or may have coverage that the assisted living facility you choose doesn't offer. You want what's best for your loved one, so use this guide to help you choose a Medicaid-eligible assisted living facility for your loved one's needs.

Approved care

Medicaid often doesn't cover all of a person's stay when they are in assisted living and usually only covers medical-related costs. This means you need to make sure you choose a facility that will offer all the services that Medicaid will pay for so you are not billing another insurance provider for these same services, which will require a co-pay and cost more money out of your own pocket in the end.

Approved care for this type of medical aid includes medical care and exams and other treatments but won't include the actual cost of staying in an assisted living facility. Get the most out of the facility you choose by ensuring the company you choose actually offers the services this government assistance will pay for.

Short-term solutions

If you have a loved one who is rehabilitating after an injury or who is going to be in a nursing home for a short amount of time, Medicaid or Medicare, depending on what your loved one is eligible for, may help with these costs. After this time period has passed, you can look into home health care, which may also be covered. Consider short-term care when you pick a Medicaid-eligible assisted living facility, then go from there.

Before choosing any facility to meet your nursing home and assisted living needs, talk to a health insurance representative. You want to know what your coverage is when considering assisted living homes and what your costs will be in the end so you make the best decision for your loved one and their financial situation.

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