Personal Care Services: How They Can Help Your Loved One As They Age

Personal Care Services: How They Can Help Your Loved One As They Age

Personal Care Services: How They Can Help Your Loved One As They Age

14 September 2020
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If your loved one has an insurance provider that covers what is known as personal care services, you should consider having these benefits used as they age. What are personal care services? How can they benefit your loved one? Can your loved one receive this care in their home, or other assisted living facility? This guide will help you understand more about personal care services so you can decide if they are right for your loved one as they age.

What are personal care services?

Essentially, personal care services are services given to people who have difficulties caring for themselves all alone. Personal care services can range from the most basic of human care, such as getting out of bed and putting on slippers, to more advanced home health care, like bathing or feeding. What your loved one may need will vary, depending on how severe their health is declining, what their current physical and mental abilities are, what medical conditions they have, and what they have issues with doing on their own already. Your loved one's doctor can refer you to a personal care services specialist.

How can personal care services benefit your loved one?

If your loved one has issues with caring for themselves in any way, their health and mental well-being can decline as a result. Your loved one may lose interest in doing things they used to enjoy, like gardening, keeping house, reading the paper, or cooking meals, simply because it's hard for them to do so.

When you hire personal care services to work with your loved one at home, you provide someone you love with company and helping hands. This personal care services specialist can entertain and watch over your loved one as they go about their day, providing gentle and effective care when it's needed. Your loved one can have as much input as they'd like when it comes to receiving care so they feel more in control.

Where can personal care services be applied?

Your loved one can receive personal care services right in their own home if they can otherwise live at home comfortably. If your loved one is considering relocating to an assisted living facility or already lives in an assisted living facility, they can receive personal care services there. Speak to your loved one's doctor about receiving this type of care, whether they are just starting to decline or they have been in need of personal care services for some time.

To learn more about personal care services, reach out to a company like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living.

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