3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

11 August 2019
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Do you have a parent or a grandparent who is no longer able to completely care for themselves? Are you worried about their living situation and are looking into the various options? The aging process can seem overwhelming, even if all you're doing is assisting someone else with their future. Although it can seem complicated, finding the right place for your parents or grandparents to live can be made much easier by asking the right questions. A few questions that you should be adding to the list of things to ask are as follows:

What levels of care do you provide? Some facilities only provide basic assisted living services while others are much more in-depth. Some facilities may only offer basic assistance with household chores and errands while others are prepared to help their clients with anything from bathing to feeding and everything in between. Even if a facility doesn't have the resources to provide every level of care that might be needed, they may have a nearby partner facility that your parent or grandparent can move there should they become in need of more through care. 

Are pets allowed at this location? Some places that provide assisted living services have strict no-pets policies. No pets of any kind are allowed inside, often because of allergies or other legal reasons. But other facilities are more relaxed, allowing visits from beloved pets. Some facilities even allow residents to keep their existing pets with them when they move in. Whether your parent or grandparent loves dogs and cats or never wants to see another one as long as they live, the variability makes this an important question to ask. Animal lovers can choose a more open facility, while those with a dislike or outright hatred of various pets can choose a facility where they aren't allowed. 

What resident activities do you have? Different types of assisted living services will have differing levels of activities that are hosted by the facility. These can range from on-site activities like finger painting to off-site activities like going grocery shopping or something else entirely. If your parent or grandparent is an active person, it'll help to make sure that they move to a facility that has more activities for them to take part in. Being able to go grocery shopping for their own food might sound like such a minor thing but it can be a big deal for adults who have lost some of their independence. 

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