Four Times That You Should Use Your Call Button In Assisted Living

Four Times That You Should Use Your Call Button In Assisted Living

Four Times That You Should Use Your Call Button In Assisted Living

3 October 2017
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One of the situations that you'll appreciate when you're in an assisted living home is that help is always just a push of the button away. Many assisted living guest rooms are equipped with call buttons that will summon a staff member in a matter of moments, and you might also have a pendant-style call button that you can wear around your neck. Some people don't want others to fuss over them, which could prevent them from pressing the button when it's needed. If you're this type of person, know that you have the right to press the button when you need help. Here are four times that you shouldn't hesitate to press it.

When You Fall

Hopefully, you will never fall at the assisted living home, but falling could be a reality if you're not stable on your feet. Whether you've fallen because you got lightheaded or you have sustained an injury in the fall, it's not advisable to get up on your own. Instead, you should always press the call button so that a staff member can assess the situation and help you up — perhaps into a wheelchair or with a walker to steady you.

When You Feel Ill

Sometimes, you'll feel ill in your guest room and be able to make it to the bathroom in time. Other times, you might be elsewhere in the building when a sudden feeling of illness comes over you. This is a suitable time to press your call button for help. Someone can come with a basin if you're going to throw up, or even just supply a walker and a steady arm to help you get back to your room to sit down.

When You're Confused About Medication

It's easy to get confused about the medication that you need to take, but you should never just take pills without being 100-percent certain about the correct dosage. Given that there's a time-sensitive nature to taking medication, you shouldn't just wait until the next health aide visits you so that you can ask. Instead, don't hesitate to press your call button for help.

You See A Health Emergency

Not every member of the assisted living community will wear their call button. Sometimes, you'll be with someone who encounters a health emergency, and you can then press your button to summon help. For example, perhaps you're visiting a friend in a common area, and he or she trips or becomes ill. This is a perfect time to summon help with the use of your call button.

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